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VIP 7: Hope Hollow


Our vision was to provide hope and home to cancer patients and their families by standing as a source of healing and peaceful recovery in the supportive environment of Hope Hollow.

We, as Next Level Training leaders, were given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we made and join us in continuing these efforts.


Our Results:


Impacted Hundreds of People

Our campaign directly impacted the lives of cancer patients and their families, and indirectly the lives of hundreds of others.

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We raised over $63,000 and counting for Hope Hollow. 

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Over 3,000 Tangible Goods Donated

Together, and with the support of local sponsors, we collected tangible items for Hope Hollow.

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2 Advocacy & Awareness Events

We hosted a talent show to create awareness of Hope Hollow. We also held an honorary dinner for Hope Hollow and its supporters.

Charity we supported:


Our Objectives:


Make AN IMpact

Every day, men and women who are currently undergoing cancer treatment travel to Columbus, Ohio for medical care. These patients and their families often have little to no resources for their basic comforts while in town for treatment. They are in need of warm meals, gas for traveling to and from Columbus, a bedroom, a shower, and a place to wash their clothing. They are without a home. They are without the comforts of their community of friends and extended family. They arrive with little emotional support to see them through the challenging days. Jane and Kevin Clark of Hope Hollow open their home and hearts to these patients and their families. They have limited space for accommodating more than one family at a time, and much of their support comes in providing the funds for families to find lodging in area hotels. We, VIP7, are committed to providing hope and home to cancer patients and their families by standing as a source of healing and peaceful recovery in the supportive environment of Hope Hollow.

Raise Funds

We raised over $63,000 for Hope Hollow to support cancer patients and their families with emotional guidance and a loving, home space. We also raised over $22,000 in tangible goods such as gift cards for food, gift cards for gas for travel to and from treatment in Columbus, gift cards for groceries, and care package donations (tote bags, insulated lunch bags, and care package items such as lotion, gum, travel games, Sudokus, puzzle books, adult coloring books, etc.). We hosted a combination of fundraising events, both and big and small, individual and whole team, to raise awareness for Hope Hollow so their efforts are supported for years to come to patients in Ohio and beyond.


Address Needs

With the aid of corporate sponsorship and community partnerships, we provided hope, home, and healing to cancer patients through our support of Hope Hollow. These partnerships provided a lasting legacy for Hope Hollow to continue to make the biggest impact in the cancer recovery community. Sponsorship with local hotels will provide warm beds and temporary home spaces when the alternative so often has been the unfortunate reality of sleeping in a car in the hospital parking lot.

Create Awareness

Through hosting fundraising events and by launching the #lightofhope social media campaign, we increased awareness for Hope Hollow in its stand as an inspiration and a hero for the cancer recovery community. We brought the story of Hope Hollow to life and shared it throughout the community to create lasting impressions and by inspiring others to give.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Our Leads

Community Service Project

Stephanie Lynn, Co-Captain

Jenn Routte, Co-Captain

Construction Co-Captains

Jeff Steele

Events Co-Captains

Beth Sopko

Neema Wera

Fundraising Co-Captains

Ed Viets

Sara Flowers

Public Relations / Media Co-Captains

Taylor Greely

Bob Rothwell

Digital Communications Co-Captains

Brian Kinney

Christine Weaver

Tangible Goods Co-Captains

Dee Carter

Robb Moats

Volunteer / Team Coordination Co-Captains

Annette Neff

Liz Beck

Our Team

Adam Altdorfer

Austin Foote

Carla Alvarez

Charm London

Debra Stoffel

Eric Clark

Frannie Hurban

Hannah Conley

Heike Lemmermöhle

Holly Rubish

Jodi Eaton

Julia Benoit

Karen Harmeyer

Kathy Oakden

Kenny Brady

Lisa Fribence

Lori Odekirk

Lucy Reed

Matthew Fleece

Meagan Navarre

Megan Amigo

Patrick Fischer

Peter Scalabrino

Sarah Cordero