VIP 6: Supporting Recovery For Addicts in Central Ohio


 Our vision is to support and empower families and individuals who are recovering from drug and alcohol dependency ; to mobilize the community to bring new perspective on the issue of opiates and addiction; to create hope, healing and joy for those who are experiencing adversity and seeking freedom and recovery.

 By providing housing, resources and services, it inspires the hope they need to end the stigma and suffering of addiction, and supports their lifelong recovery, which in turn, returns hope to our community.

We, as Next Level Training leaders, were given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we made and join us in continuing these efforts.


Our Results:



We created improvements on multiple locations on both the interior , exterior, and grounds of several facilities.


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$49,400 Raised

We raised $49,400 and counting for Marin's Hope and other recovery services Central Ohio.

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1,000+ ITems DONATED

Together with the support of local sponsors, we collected over 1000 items including construction supplies and personal hygiene items.

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2 AdVocacy Events

We held 2 events focused on improving our community and creating awareness around Columbus.

Charity we supported:


Our Objectives:


Make AN IMpact

Researchers found that success rates for long-term sobriety increase from 11% to 70% for those who remain in sober living for more than six months. The huge difference in these numbers shows the success of individuals who stay in transitional housing for a period of six months or more. Communities like Marin’s Hope are successful because they pair a sober environment with a significant amount of support. Participants learn structure throughout their day, make friends in recovery, and learn healthy coping skills. 

Raise Funds

We raised over $49,000 for Marin's Hope. The donations raised will create new opportunities for individuals and families to be free of the chains of addiction. By providing housing, resources, and services, it inspires the hope they need to end the stigma and suffering of addiction, and supports their lifelong recovery. And their recovery returns hope to our community.Marin’s Hope empowers our families, our children, our friends, who are struggling with alcohol and drug dependencies.

Address Needs

Marin’s Hope serves all individuals looking to recover and those in need of addiction-related services. They also serve parents, relatives, and spouses looking for help for a loved one and doesn’t know where to turn to for help. They have many services available including sober living, counseling, scholarships to rehab, referrals to rehab, interventions and other services related to recovery and addiction. VIP 6 created more space by supporting completion of a new recovery house along with improvements at all their locations. Also VIP 6 provided multiple donations necessary for running a recovery house


Spread Awareness

Our vision is to raise awareness about Marin's Hope mission, and its relevance to the needs of the recovery community resulted in some amazing events, including: Party of Hope is a sober and child-friendly alternative to the myriad Halloween Festivities being presented at this time of year. The Alrosa Villa was transformed into a Carnival fun night, featuring local bands, a costume contest, face painting event with a rockin’ costume dance party. We also enjoyed and acknowledgement ceremony for Marin's Hope , and the beautiful vision they have for their future. It was a night of celebration, honor, inspiration, connection and hope.


Thank you to our Sponsors

Our Leads

Community Service Project Captains

Stacie Downs, Captain

Erin Maccabee, Co-Captain

Events Captains

Talie Weir

Lee Kelly

Documentation Captains

         Todd Gable

         Chris Trevorrow

Building Captains

         Keith Kocher

         Andy Kuss

Communications/Marketing Captains

Leslie Attwooll

Jennifer Davoust

Ben Kent

Volunteer Captain

Michell Domke

Fund Raising Captain

Stacey Zaleski

Team Communication Captain

Diana Roberts


Our Team

Karen Duncan

LaRon Harris

Ami Desai

Rick Bullock

Brooklyn Jackson

Amanda LeGrand

Misty Skeen

Manuel Cordero

Dougie Forlano

Kerry Wycuff

Corbin Thompson

Fatin Alsaery

Michelle Willard

Jenna Szabo

Lena Reed

David Nickel

Andrew Arnold

Erin Melfe

Megan Adair

Pamela Sell



Kayla Driscoll

Natalie Weir

Brandon Saari

Susan Gilster

Sherita Golden

Lori Lee

Whitli Brown

Peter Winch

Anisa Scalora

Monica Linson

Courtney Renderman

Sam Woo

JJ Good

Kyle Shepherd

Karen Austin

Sara Dean

Keith Collins

Sondos Alsaery

Carly Baird