VIP 5: The Abundance Bus Project


Our vision is to create a massive impact in the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community: children who are impacted by homelessness, addiction, hunger, and abuse. Next Level VIP 5 is committed to raising a total of $60,000 and thousands of material items in support of Ohio State University’s Star House, an organization dedicated to serving the needs of youth experiencing homelessness in Columbus, Ohio.

We, as Next Level Training leaders, were given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we made and join us in continuing these efforts.


Our Goals


hundreds of
PEople Impacted

We will directly impact the lives of hundreds of young individuals in need who visit OSU Star House each year. In 2014, they saw nearly 800 and are growing each year.

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We are committed to raising $60,000 and counting for OSU Star House. Funds will be used to improve the facility, hire adequate staff, and install security features. 

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100,000 ITems DONATED

Together, and with the support of local sponsors, will collect fresh and canned foods, men and women's clothing, toiletries, blankets, bags, and more.

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10 AdVocacy & Awareness Events

We will hold 10 events focused creating awareness around youth homelessness. The culminating event is August 4 at the Taste of TriVillage.

Who We're Supporting

Our Objectives


Make AN IMpact

Today, 1,200-1,500 youth between the ages of 14-24 live on the streets of Columbus, Ohio, and Star House remains the only drop-in center for them, as well as the only research-based, drop-in center in the country. Star House serves approximately 800 youth annually which is steadily growing each year. The facility currently  receives 20,000 visits per year and frequently sees infants and toddlers.

Raise Funds

We're committed to raising a minimum of $60,000 for OSU Star House. To contribute to our crowdfunding campaign or to become a sponsor, please click here to visit our site. You can also text GIVE2STAR to 72727 to have a link sent directly to your phone. Visit the Next Level Gives Facebook page to find out about our planned and pop-up events taking place at the end of July and beginning of August. 

Address Needs

You can find the most up-to-date list of OSU Star House's current needs here. Because they have limited staff and storage space, please stick to the immediate need items so that your donation will be of use. If you plan to attend our final event, you can bring all of your items to Northam Park on August 4 between 3:30-8:30pm and we will deliver them to Star House that evening by bus!


Spread Awareness

We will have several events leading up to the final event on August 4 including live music, yoga, line dancing, service days at OSU Star House, canvassing neighborhoods, and even partnerships with local businesses who will donate a portion of their sales to our cause. Stay up to date by visiting the Next Level Gives Facebook page or reach out to us for more info at 

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Our Leads

Community Service Project

Liz Koehler, Captain

Matt Barnes, Co-Captain

Administrative and Logistics Managers

Gina Molinari

Daniel Szabo

Social Media Manager

Megan Schiele, Lead

Andrea Nicholas

Hilary St Pierre

Emilie Mehmedovich

Crowdfunding Manager

Jonathan Nutt, Lead

Amanda Brewer 

Public Relations/Marketing

Matt Barnes

Liz Koehler 

Rob Maccabee

Teams Manager

Sheryl Fiedler

Team Captains

Debbie Lime

Josh Mann

Ben Parkins

Aondover Ityokumbul


Michele Cook

Document Manager

Kerry Farrell

Art Installation Committee

Judith Spater

Tania Ulloa-Malave


Alex Rytel


Tania Ulloa-Malave

Sponsorship Team

Jorie Stickel

Daniel Szabo

Quelvid Malave

Liz Vorys

Rob Maccabee




Our Team

Alexander Mockenstrum

Allan Kofman

Amani Alseaery

Ashley Cochran

Bea Aguilar

Bill Wilson

Bryant Trenkamp

Charlotte Hughes

Christian Foote

Christopher Woeste

Dale Steinke

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