VIP 11: Reeb Avenue Center


Next Level Gives, a project of Next Level Trainings has partnered with the Reeb Avenue
Center. The Reeb Avenue Center impacts the Southside of Columbus by housing 15
different nonprofit to change the lives through education and continuous engagement.

We, as Next Level Training leaders, are given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we are currently making and join us in these efforts.


Our Goals:



We will directly impact over 3000 individuals in need through a hands-on construction project.

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$100,000 fundRaised

We are committed to raising money to support Reeb Avenue Center. 

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$50,000 ITems DONATED

Together, and with the support of local sponsors, we will collect gift cards, supplies, books and more.

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4 AdVocacy Events

We will hold four events  to create awareness around the Reeb Avenue Center locally and across the nation.

Charity we are supporting:


Our Objectives:


Make AN IMpact

We get to be giving and in service in order to empower and impact the Southside of Columbus. Engaging and volunteering for Tuesday night meals, interacting with children from the Boys and Girls Clubs and creating a beautiful and uplifting mural. We aim to impact 3,000 individuals over the next three weeks through multiple events in order to transform lives, building towards self-sufficiency. Our declaration begins today, but commitment continues for years after.


Raise Funds

We are determined to raise $100,000 by being service-driven. We will be reaching out to family and friends to join us in our efforts to empower others in their journey of self-sufficiency. In addition, we get to partner with local businesses, who have the opportunity to donate large "wish list" items in lieu of monetary donations. Silent and live auctions will occur during events, in which all proceeds will be going to the Reeb Avenue Center. Tax write-offs are available for all donations.  


Address Needs

We are focused on creating safety. We would like to provide a public announcement system to improve communication throughout the building.  Additional school aged outdoor equipment, such as scooters and tricycles, are "wish list" items. Along with these tangible items, sensory appropriate areas where the children can discover, learn and be engaged in a fun-loving and safe environment are requested.




Spread Awareness

Everyone gets to come together to leave the space cleaner than how it was found. A weekend of litter collection around the Reeb Avenue Center will be a great way to accomplish this, as well as interact with the community. Two fundraisers will be held in September to not only engage with the surrounding communities, but to bring awareness to the commitment to transformation and empowerment the Reeb Avenue Center stands for.

Our Leads

Community Service Project

Suzy Blackstone, Captain

Cassie Jacobs, Co-Captain

Rocco Giammaria, Co-Captain

Community Liasion

John Mally, Captain

Chel Hamilton, Lieutenant


Sameen Dadfar, Captain

Jon Groleau, Lieutenant

          Emily Rhodes, Lieutenant

Social Media

Chela Tarpeh, Captain

Aaron Jones, Lieutenant


Nicole Badik, Captain

Patti Luther, Lieutenant

Ryan Spires, Lieutenant


Marita Hebert, Captain

Elliot Olson, Lieutenant

Art Installation

Bonita Castillo, Captain

Tangible Goods

Crystal Derstine, Captain


Allen Miller, Captain

Theresa Cummings, Lieutenant


Public Relations/Marketing

Kelli Gendala, Captain

          Mariah Callas, Captain


Aaron Jones, Captain

Entertainment Captains

Steve Callas, Captain


Theresa Cummings, Captain

Patti Luther, Co-Captain

Results Tracker

Sara Newell, Captain

Helen Musser, Lieutenant

Kelli Cannon, Lieutenant

Web Design and Graphics

Nick Francis, Captain


Ronda Brandt

Our Teammates

Allison Kenny

Carl Dixon

Jeremy Felder

Krista Kuhn

Maureen Callas

Mike Bella

Michael Swank