Who we supported:

Kaleidoscope Youth Center

As leaders of the Next Level Trainings Vision and Impact Program 8, we are creating an era of love and light, where all citizens of the world are acknowledged as worthy, valued, supported and loved. We create this vision by committing to Love, Healing and Unity.

We were given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we’re committed to and join us in continuing these efforts for Kaleidoscope Youth Center!  Learn more about Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

Our Results:


ImpactED 456 People

Our efforts directly impacted over 456 youth in need through donation of money, time and tangible goods.. And indirectly the lives of hundreds of others.

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over $100,000 raised

We raised over $100,000 and counting for Kaleidoscope Youth Center. 

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over 10,000 ITEMS donated

We collected health & hygiene products, arts & craft supplies, kitchen tools, cleaning & office supplies, and entertainment goods.

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10 advocacy and fundraising events

We held 10 events and numerous percentage-of-sale fundraisers at restaurants and businesses. In addition, our satellite team members produced events in other cities such as New York City, and Cleveland.

Media Coverage:

Our Objectives:


Make AN IMpact

We directly impacted the lives of the youth served at Kaleidoscope Youth Center by raising funds and collecting tangible goods. Kaleidoscope Youth Center is the only organization in central Ohio solely dedicated to supporting LGBTQ youth and their allies. The mission of Kaleidoscope Youth Center is to work in partnership with the youth to create safe and empowering environments for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally youth through advocacy, education and support.


Raise Funds

We raised over $100,000 for Kaleidoscope Youth Center to support LGBTQ youth, allies, and their families with a safe space to call home. We collected over 10,000 in tangible goods both individually, and as a whole team. Tangible goods included: health & hygiene products, arts & craft supplies, kitchen tools, cleaning & office supplies, entertainment goods and over 20 bicycles to benefit the youth of Kaleidoscope. Items sourced for completed on-site projects—such as raised garden beds, and updated closet storage—aim to support the center for years to come. Here’s to another successful, and even bigger 20 years.


Address Needs

Kaleidoscope Youth Center is funded by grants and thrives with the support of donors like you. KYC has assorted kitchen, health and lifestyle, art supply, office supply needs, and more. Every donation provides the youth with access to safe, fun, educational, and expressive activities—life skills that support growth and confidence for everyone who walks through the doors of KYC to be who they be, and develop into leaders.

Spread Awareness

Our vision to raise awareness about Kaleidoscope Youth Center’s mission, and its relevance to the needs of LGBTQ youth everywhere resulted in some amazing events, including: a Wonderland Tea Party held at the Kaleidoscope Youth Center, a Pop-Up Drag Show, an 80’s dance party, an extremely successful Wine Tasting Benefit, an LGBTQ Comedy Fundraiser (New York City), a cocktail-infused Mix and Mingle Fundraiser (Cleveland), and more.  

Our Events:

Thank you to our Supporters:

Our Leads

VIP8 Community Service Project

Erin Michel, Co-Captain
Nellie Coriveau, Co-Captain
Mike Bowers, Co-Captain

Events Committee

Jessica Dixon, Captain
Sara Sturgil, Co-Captain

Construction Committee

Eric Oakden, Captain
Cheryl Dawkins, Co-Captain
Kristina Steinhour, Co-Captain

Fundraising Committee

Olga Gerchik, Captain
Jim Frey, Co-Captain

Wine Tasting Event Committee

Jim Frey, Captain

Public Relations Committee

Cory Dippold, Captain
Sara Hegarty, Co-Captain

Digital Communications Committee

Lisa Ragland, Captain
Amy Sharp, Co-Captain
Anthony Williams, Co-Captain

Tangible Goods Committee

Rania Altaher, Captain
Casey Chory, Co-Captain

Volunteers Committee

Richard Blades, Captain
Josh Emory, Co-Captain


Our Team

Freddy Adenuga
Sierra Alley
Shivi Bhardwaj
Born Jewel Brown
Cynthia Byrne
Nicholas Copley
Renzo Cordero
Sean Cordero
Shelly Corpman
Andrea Daniel
Dominick DeMasi
Andrew Gerbers
Chardenae Golden
Cashay Golden
Cedar Hansen
Gina Heath
Ray Heddy
Jenna Kennedy
Christopher Kent
Ted Kinney
Ellie Kofman
Rae Larson
Lindsay Ledford
Douglas Mack
Ahmad Mahmoud
Jammie Martin
Barbara Mason
Carol Mitchell
Tanaka Mupinga
Ivan Nikolov
Victoria Pastore
Dickie Schwitzerlett
Jill Short
Juan Sntimo
Travis Sira
Sara Sturgill
Bobbie Timmons
achel Tutera
Pay Ulloa
Maryjeanne Walsh
Jamie Wehrle
Katie Wells
Kelly Wright
Lisa Wurm
Richard Yang
Kirsten Zeng
John Ziss