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VIP 3: Eradicating Homelessness

A VIP 3 Phoenix Rising Project

Our vision is to support and empower families and individuals who are currently without a home; to mobilize the community to bring new perspective on the issue of homelessness and addiction; to create hope, healing and joy for those who are experiencing adversity and seeking freedom and recovery.

We, as Next Level Columbus leaders, were given just 30 days to envision the unimaginable, create the impossible and deliver the unobtainable. See the impact we made and join us in continuing these efforts.


Our Results:


PEople Impacted

We directly impacted over 400 individuals in need and thousands more indirectly.

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We've raised over $15,000 and counting for local charities and services in the Columbus community.

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15,500 ITems DONATED

Together, and with the support of local sponsors, we've donated over 150,500 items to those in need.

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4 AdVocacy & Awareness Events

We held two holiday parties in homeless shelters, a public art display, and advocacy day at the Ohio Statehouse.

Charities we supported:


Our Objectives:


Create Awareness

Some of those who find themselves experiencing homelessness have a background of drug addiction. In partnership with local and national affiliates, we held a day of action in cities all across the nation, rallying to bring awareness to the fact that addiction is real and recovery is possible. Our national awareness day took place on December 19th, 2015. In over eleven cities, we rallied, wrote our elected officials and handed out over 7,000 resource guides. Participating states included Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, California, Pennsylvania and Washington.

Spread Holiday Cheer

This past holiday season, we partnered with the VOAGO Van Buren Shelter and the YWCA Family Center and organized a Holiday Cheer Event serving nearly 100 Columbus families. We fundraised over $6,000 in gift cards and nearly $500 in COTA bus passes. Together, we also provided warm clothing and stocking stuffers. The event included crafts for children, story time, family activities and free family photos with Santa. The event took place on December 23, 2015 at both the YWCA Family Center and the VOAGO Van Buren Shelter.

Provide Warmth

Gathering hundreds of scarves, hats, gloves and other winter clothing items, we took to the streets and created temporary civic art around the city of Columbus. We offered any and all in need access to hundreds of free warm wearables. All items not claimed at the end of the project were donated to the YWCA Family Center and the VOAGO Van Buren Shelter.


Through community partnerships, we provided 10,000 diapers to parents in need in the Columbus area, while simultaneously creating awareness of the need for diapers among families with young children experiencing homelessness. We fostered collaboration between homeless shelters and community-based diaper banks and generated donations so that all babies in our community can remain clean, dry and healthy.



In partnership with many companies, organizations, schools and individuals, we created a children’s library at the VOAGO Van Buren Shelter to support distressed families. Collecting over 7,000 books and forging lasting partnerships, we created a sustainable library so that every child who comes through will have two books they can keep and take with them to cherish. Fostering a love of reading and learning, we are humbly honored to have created a system that allows for an ongoing stream of children’s book donations for the shelter along with a volunteer children's story time program.

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Provoke Thought

We created a stunning, surprising, dynamic, engaging and elegant performance that debunked current paradigms, changed perceptions and encouraged a level of connection and emotional investment that inspired individuals and communities to get involved. We produced a video, based on the performance art project, that successfully conveyed the story and immerses the audience in the same level of emotional investment, provoking engagement and action. The video reached over 19,000 views within just two weeks.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Our Leads

Community Service Project

Catherine Kendall, Captain

Jessica Lajiness, Co-Captain

Clarity Captain

Christina Providence

Holiday Cheer Committee

Autumn Miller, Lead

Stacy Coil, Deputy Lead

Recovery Awareness Committee

Jill Wasmund, Lead

Darris Wasmund, Deputy Lead

Art Installation Committee

John Piper, Lead

Elizabeth Cobey- Piper, Deputy Lead

Diaper Drive Committee

Becky Krapfl, Lead

Jerzell Pierre-Louis, Deputy Lead

Book Drive Committee

Christina Providence, Lead

Javad Keyhani, Deputy Lead

The Gift of Warmth Committee

Katie Thomas, Lead

Brooke Wojdynski, Deputy Lead

Fundraising Committee

Jason Clayton, Lead

Sandra Stork, Deputy Lead

Logistics Committee

Carlo Pittaluga, Lead

Public Relations/Marketing

Brooke Wojdynski, Lead

Mike Lewis, Deputy Lead

Volunteer Coordination

Briana Cribeyer, Co-Lead

Cory Strait, Co-Lead


Damon Bingman

Our Team

Alissa Ohashi

Andrew Stadnik

Angel Parrish

Angelique Sutrisno

Angie Beebe

Brandon Berger

Brenda Kocak

Brooke Wojdynski

Carmon Thomas

Carrissa Girbert

Chris Eicshen

Christian Campbell

Danya Kalla

Dave Girbert

Denise Cordero

Dennis Druso

Garrick Thomas

Gela Cordero

Jake Bauman

Jamie Tabanao

Javad Keyhani

Jesse Hemminger

Josh Lambert

Kelly Friend

Krista Evertt

Lee Salvidar

Major Batton

Marty Bauer

Max Cobey

Michol Childress

Mike Rak

Ryan Weber

Sabrina Koeppen

Shad Jones

Steph Gilster

Susie Wagner

Sylvia Waliga

Tom Grogan